Under Florida workers’ compensation laws, many situations can result in a claim payout. But is a car accident on work time covered?

I once knew a woman who suffered from spinal discomfort and TMJ pain. After years of working through the pain at a shipping facility, she had finally had enough and came to me on the referral of a mutual acquaintance. When I asked her if she had suffered an injury that might be causing the pain, she told me about the car accident.

She was turning at a busy intersection and the car came out of nowhere, blowing the stop light. When she came to in the hospital, the doctor told her that she had a few fractured vertebrae and a jaw fracture. I asked her whether she was on the clock, and she told me that she was clocked out but also that she had been delivering something to another location at the request of her supervisor. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that she could have filed a workplace injury claim because of that. By the time she did, it was too late.

If you want to avoid making a similar mistake, here’s what you should know about getting into a car accident on work time and Florida workers’ compensation.

When a Car Accident on Work Time Are Covered

Workers’ compensation covers various situations when car accidents on work time happen. In short, if you sustain injuries while performing work-related duties, you’re probably covered. Take the following situations as examples:

  • Traveling between work locations
  • Giving a ride to a colleague for a work-related meeting
  • Completing an errand requested by a supervisor
  • Delivering goods or supplies
  • Meeting a client
  • Compensated travel

If your job primarily involves driving as part of your duties, such as truck drivers and delivery drivers, you will also be covered if you get injured during your work hours.

When Car Accidents Are Not Covered

Workers’ compensation does not cover car accidents that happen outside the scope of employment. Having a car accident on work time means just that—it happens while you are working. Accidents that happen on the way to and from work are not usually covered, although the following exceptions do apply:

  • Serving a dual purpose
  • Accident occurs on the employer’s property
  • Using employer’s vehicle or company car

If you’re unsure whether your injuries from a car accident are covered under workers’ compensation, talk to a doctor who is familiar with workers’ compensation in Florida.

Get Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Accepted

Were you injured in a car accident on work time in Florida? Talk to us as soon as possible. Workers’ compensation cases are time sensitive, so it’s important to act fast. Our doctors are experts at dealing with workplace injuries, including car accidents on company time. We will do everything we can to treat your injuries and get your claim accepted so you can get the benefits that you need and deserve. Contact us today.