How To Treat Herniated Discs Without Surgery.

Facts You Should Be Aware Of Regarding Herniated Discs

Herniated discs:

  • When you experience muscle weakness, tingling or numbness it is often caused by a herniated disc.

  • It is possible to have a herniated disc without knowing it.  Symptoms will tend to worsen with time.

  • A disc becomes herniated when pressure placed upon it becomes too great due to misalignment of the spine.  When this occurs the inner part of the disc may tear through the outer disc wall and create painful pressure on the spinal nerves.

  • A herniated disc is most common in the lower back but it can also happen in your neck.

  • Herniated discs typically occur over time and are not often caused by a traumatic event.

Causes of Herniated Discs Include

  • Improperly lifting heavy objects.

  • General aging which causes discs to lose their water content over time.

  • General wear and tear on the disc caused by aging that leads to disc degeneration.

herniated disc causing pain

How To Test For Herniated Discs

Your doctor may put you through a series of diagnostic tests prior to treatment for herniated discs.

Your doctor will give you a physical exam and review your medical history with you.  Your doctor may also use one of the following test to gather additional data on your condition:


An x-ray allows the doctor to see your bones, joints and any possible degenerative lesions in the spine. It does not allow him to evaluate the soft tissue such as muscles and ligaments.


An MRI is a common test used to evaluate the soft tissues in the body, especially the spine’s discs, joints, nerves and bones.  The test is prescribed in a weight bearing mode to better evaluate the interverbal disc spaces.

Cat Scan (CT):

This test used when the doctor suspects problems with your bones or when you are unable to obtain an MRI.


This test injects dye into the spinal column to help flex the area before being x-rayed in order to allow the doctor to see affected areas more clearly.

If you do not seek effective therapy, herniated discs may worsen with time.  Do you suffer from pain you suspect may be caused by herniated discs?  If so, we can help.

Every year our specialists successfully treat herniate disc patients without surgery, injections or drugs.

Treatment For Herniated Discs

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