Welcome To Our Practice

Our Mission:

Discover how integrative, holistic care can help you alleviate pain and enjoy life to the fullest. We treat and educate our patients like members of our family with proven approaches and compassionate care. Offerings include preventative care, treatment for injuries, and acute wellness care.

Our Philosophy:

At our natural pain relief practice, we treat patients the way we would want to be treated. Our healthcare team will work to get to the root cause of your pain in order to implement a treatment plan based on your situation. We’re positive and transparent.  We see healing as more than just a physical experience where pain medications mask symptoms. We want to work with you to get to the bottom of what caused your pain so we can help find permanent relief.  Our therapists are self-aware and have a genuine love for their work.

Our Promise:

Don’t worry, we’ll only accept you as a patient if this is a condition we can help. We’ll be honest and upfront about our practices and the cost at the very beginning so there are no surprises down the line. We’ll make you feel right at home with each visit and keep you informed on your treatment and any changes that may occur during the process. That way, you know what’s going on and can trust that we’re acting in your best interests.

Why We’re Different:

We use a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional pain therapy to work with the entire human body. Our practice considers how the spine, muscles, nerves, and nutrition come into play with a patient’s pain. We assess a patients back, neck, and disc pain as well as headaches, fatigue, stress, flexibility, neuropathy, sports performance, and injuries. Our patients range from children to the elderly and we customize our programs to suit each individual.


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