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Hi, my name’s Michelle. I’ve been coming for a few years, and my Dad actually recommended me to come after I had a car accident, and it helped with my jaw pain, with the TMJ and my neck and my back.

And, I also [was] recently pregnant, and I came during my pregnancy which helped immensely with the discomfort and helped the delivery process and everything. And now, I bring my son Bradley and he gets adjusted, too, and he loves getting adjusted, and the results have been very helpful. You can tell that his colic is a little bit better, and his reflux pain is definitely better after the adjustments. I love coming to Dr. Newman’s office, and I totally recommend it.

Michelle for The Doctor

The Doctor and his team are top notch all the way and truly know how to take care of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dennis Wichterman

The Doctor is the best chiropractor that I have ever been to. I had a pain going down my left shoulder for over a year and I tried everything and he was the only one that can fix my problem. I am now pregnant and going to him for care and he is absolutely wonderful. I have known the doc for many years and I don’t know what I would do without him.
I highly recommend that if you need a chiropractor and you’re in pain to go to This Doctor for care. Thank you Doc for always making me feel better!

Nicole K

Thanks to Dr. Mike went back to a normal life He healed me of my back pain and leg therapy, always remember you and I am very grateful to you.
Greets and a hug

Jaime Vintimilla

This Doctor is top notch all the way. Truly knows how to take care of you. Thank you to the entire team.

Dennis W.

He is without a doubt, the Best Chiropractor in South Florida!

Elena C Bluntzer

McKayla is loving her Doctor right now…

Linda Coley

I have been coming to The Doctor since I could remember. He’s helped with numerous back problems that I’ve occurred over time (ice skating, cheer-leading and dance). I tried multiple physical therapies and treatments for a pain I had for over a year and he was the only one who was able to fix it using a decompression machine. Now I’m pregnant and coming in for regular adjustments that have helped me. I haven’t had any back problems with my pregnancy except for my tailbone – due to the weight and shifting of everything from the baby. If it wasn’t for the doc I’m sure I would be in pain. I’m thankful for him everyday and I recommend anyone who is in pain to come and see him.

Kristin N.


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